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Investment Focus and Strategy

Work closely with select experienced institutional investor base and funds for:

  • Acquisition of seasoned private equity portfolios and providing advisory services and structural solutions to LPs/ Institutions for their private equity investments in Asia.
  • Optimising and harvesting value from “seasoned private equity portfolios”.
  • Targetting deal sizes of USD 50-100 million in a portfolio of mid sized growth oriented private equity assets.
  • Selecting new investments in growth sectors in Asia (India, South East Asia, South Korea and China).

We are sector agnostic and believe that a broad based sectoral exposure is a key element of our de-risking strategy. Currently, AGCA is following a strategy of identifying and underwriting attractive investment opportunities and funding the same through its network of select investors and institutions.

In the medium to long term, AGCA may launch a blind pool mid size private equity fund focused on providing structured capital to mid market fast growing companies in India, South East Asia and South Korea in growth sectors such as food processing and distribution, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, energy and energy related services and infrastructure support services.